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Whether you're looking for a very basic on-off ball valve for a non-critical application,
or a completely automated, severe service butterfly valve control valve, EL Power can help!


With decades of experience in valve specification, sizing, engineering,
building, servicing and supporting valve packages, EL Power is your best choice
for anything valve related.


EL Power can provide nearly every type of industrial valve and actuation package from Samson
Control Valves and Actuators and IFC/ISLIP Strainers. 



EL Power can purchase, service and provide technical guidance on a variety of valves such as:

•Actuators                  •Control Valves

•Check Valves            •Cryogenic Valves

•Globe Valves             •Limit Switches

•Knife Gate Valves      •Lined Valves

•Plug Valves               •Steam Valves

•Positioners                •Solenoid Valves

•Plus much more


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